Books you never read but you know the content!

Got these incredible book covers from “O RLY?” from @ThePracticalDev. In fact, you can create your own book covers using the O RLY Theck Book Cover Generator.

Sometimes I feel these are my bed books!

_config.yml This time you have definetly chosen the right libraries and build tools

_config.yml Who are you kidding?

_config.yml Software can be chaotic, but we make it work

_config.yml You’re a 10x hacker and it must be someone else’s fault

_config.yml Code written by some stranger on the internet is always perfect

_config.yml Putting the candidate through the same bullshit you went through

_config.yml Does it run? Just leave it alone

_config.yml The internet will make those bad words go away

_config.yml Cutting corners to meet arbitrary management deadlines

_config.yml The passionate, functional, micro-serviced approach)

Written on April 10, 2016