Minimatch Pattern

First time I saw the term minimatch pattern was during this wee while trying to set Continuous Deployment on Visual Studio Team Services for a WPF application that must be deployed using ClickOnce.

One of the tasks I tried using on the build definition was a cURL Upload Files. It seems to work fine, but the problem is to keep the same file/folder structure after upload contents to the server.

The files copied must be specified using minimatch pattern. AS far I understand this is a minimal matching utility and is the de-facto file matching library used internally by node/npm and many node-based projects.


The way I see, I cannot define a minimatch pattern on cURL task that will upload files to my ftp server while keeping the file/folder structure.

For the moment, I was not able to find any off-the-shelf build task on Visual Studio Team Services that is capable of doing that. I think I will have to do it using PowerShell script or something similar. Any ideas?

I opened a MSDN forum thread about this subject.

Written on June 22, 2016